Eyes Of Light Foundation Ghana (ELF GH) has been in existence since the year 2010 running as a non-profit organization helping the less privilege in Ghana. This Foundation was formed by a couple of individuals in Kumasi Ghana who were looking to help those in need. From the year 2010 to 2017, it was not known as Eyes Of Light, but just a movement that helped the needy (single parents and low earning families) in our communities. From the year 2017 it was given the name Eyes Of Light Foundation Ghana (ELF GH) meaning the group that brightens the lives of people, true help which creates the way and opportunity to identify their future. The Foundation has been registered with the registrar department of Ghana as a non-profit organization to function legally in Ghana in order to carry out our aim and objectives; which is alleviation of poverty.

Here at the Eyes Of Light Foundation, we have many activities running to meet our aims and objectives which is, to remove many needs of people in our community. One of our main accomplishments is the construction of water-well in a village in the upper west region "Oli" in the Wa West District. Before they were walking nearly a mile to get water. A basic school in that area was also suffering from a water crisis. Since we took on this challenge, this crisis has been solved. Children are now able to focus on studies instead of fetching water.   


 The ELF has also constructed a  boarding home facility in the Ashanti region for the homeless children. These children have all their living expenses covered free of charge. The ELF facilitates all their needs including, food, clothing, shelter, education and much more. This project can be found under our "Projects" tab at the top of the screen. Again, we have many projects currently in progress. Please click the project tab above or below to check them out.


There are many villages and remote areas in the upper west region and other areas that are surfing from lack of necessities such as food and clothes, due to their low earning abilities. The ELF has been able to make donations to many of these villages. A masjid was also built for Oli and Gbegru to solve their problem of praying in the sun or lack of congregational prayers due to rain. 


Since the year 2012, Eyes Of Light Foundation has made it part of our objectives to never leave someone behind. No child or mother should have sleepless nights due to hunger. We have made countless donations to single parents in and outside our jurisdictions to raise their living standards.


The main aim of Eyes Of Light Foundation Ghana is to fight poverty and educate individuals. We accomplish this in various ways. Our organization is truly diverse. Please go through our website to see exactly how we are accomplishing these goals.

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