The Eyes Of Light foundation has created our 

first boys boarding school. This boarding school is free of charge to all of our students. Here students are provided with:

  1. Shelter : (our new building can currently hold 20 boys, we are looking to upgrade the facility to hold up to 50)

  2. Food: (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks are all served daily)  

  3. Education: (We currently offer these young men many different educational programs such as Quran studies, Arabic studies, English studies, Tailoring, and much more coming soon) 

  4. Transportation: (We transport these bright young men to and from school daily)    

​​Call us:

+49 176 61339051

​Find us: 

Plt 52 BLK 9 Old Tafo, Kumasi Ghana

14 Am Markt, Bitburg Germany 54634

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