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Our Programs

Boarding Home Project

The future is with the youth. This project fosters their growth into becoming tomorrows' next leader. Let's support the future!


Water Well Project

Water is life. Since we can not live without it, why should other communities live without clean water? Together we can put an end to the water crisis around the world.


Women's Tailoring Project

Women are the backbone of any home and community. That's why the Eyes of Light Foundation has also focused efforts to assist women as well. This tailoring project help women learn a trait so they can take care of themselves and their families. 


Kindergarten Project

Education is vital for every person. Early childhood education is where the foundation is built. You can aid us to build a state of the art kindergarten facility for children in Kumasi.


Orphan Sponsorship 

Caring for orphans is a big part of Islam. If we don't join forces to aid them who will? Click the button below to learn how you can aid those who are orphans. 

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The Eyes Of Light Foundation distributes Zatat throughout the year. There are many people in various communities that are in dire need of your Zakat. We here at ELF take this task very seriously to ensure those who need it most receives it. We also distribute Zakat Al Fitr every Ramadan

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